I went vegan in 2013.


Let me tell you...
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About #VeganVentures

A few years ago I started the blog #VeganVentures to share my plant-based journey, as well as fun stories and great food. 

From day one my goal has been to show the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for humans, animals and the planet.

Going vegan has changed my life in magical and profound ways. 

By sharing my journey I hope to inspire many to adapt this crueltyfree way of being as well.

I dream of a world in which humanity realizes that all senitnent beings on this planet are euqal and important.

I am convinced that a peaceful diet contributes to world peace in more than one way. 

One of the reasons that I support Dr. Will Tuttle and his work.

His book "The World Peace Diet"* takes a deeper look at how what we eat impacts our consciousness and the entire world consequently. I highly recommend this book to everyone and think it should be mandatory reading as a part of educational systems around the globe. It has been translated into many languages, in German it was published as "ErnΓ€hrung und Bewusstsein"*.

I am available for interviews, podcasts and talks on behalf of the vegan cause and to give a voice to those who don't have one. 

For inquiries, please get in touch via press(at)anasha.de or use the contact form.

Animals need your support!

It's easy and free. I'm already reviewing products/dishes wherever I go.

Will you join me? Each review of a vegan dish or a cruelty-free product

on abillionveg* can raise $1 for animal sanctuaries. 

When you download the app, please use the referral code ANASHA