2 sisters / save 22% each
3 sisters / save 33% each
4 sisters / save 44% each
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Want to practice your German but people keep replying to you in English?

Worry no longer and join the fun German online conversation club «Plauderstündchen». 

My offer is suitable for German learners of all levels.

All sessions take place online, allowing you to participate from anywhere

in the world regardless of your location! 

*Plauderstündchen, das
Bedeutung: Plaudernd verbrachte kürzere Zeitspanne



  • One 90-minute group session per week for a duration of 11 weeks (one season)
  • Group size is limited to guarantee plenty of speaking time for each participant and interaction with each other
  • Varying discussion topics and learning challenges 
  • This is a fun and interactive learning environment

Your membership will also give you access to my Plauderstündchen learning community on Facebook for the duration of the the class. This is a place to connect with fellow learners outside of the group sessions, where I also post additional and fun content. 

What students have to say...

«Ihre Unterricht war eine der Beste , die ich teilgenommen habe. So viel Energie und interssantes Thema. Vielen Vielen Dank dafür.» (Jan. 2021)

«Vielen Dank für einen tollen Kurs!» (Dec. 20)

«Ich finde es sehr Interessiert und hilfreich. Vielen dank Elena, dass Sie dieses Thema gewählt haben. Ich hatte gute Erfahrung mit ihrem Unterrichten gemacht.» (Nov. 20)

«Well done on leading such a lovely conversation course.  I could really feel the emotion in the group there at the end.  I think we all miss each other already.» (Aug. 20)

About me

I am a native German speaker with almost 20 years of teaching experience. Among others I taught at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and DeutschAkademie Berlin.

Personally, I am passionate about life, sustainability, veganism, spirituality and Mother Earth - this also reflects in my teaching style, which combines language learning with cultural and social aspects, while creating community in a safe learning environment. 

«Plauderstündchen» Seasonal Membership

Investment: €303* per season 

(*When paid in full / alternatively 3 monthly payments of €111)

Includes 11 group sessions and membership in my 

«Plauderstündchen» Learning Community
on Facebook for the duration of the class.

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Sign up with up to 4 sisters - blood or soul :)
and start learning and saving together

2 sisters = each sister saves 22%

3 sisters = each sister saves 33%

4 sisters = each sister saves 44%

Sisters can but don' have to attend the same level.
It is possible for example for a group of 4 sisters
to register together but to attend different classes according to their German level. In order to claim this special you must include the names, email(s) and German level(s)

of your sister(s) in the registration. This is a limited time offer, however, once you sign up under this special you will keep your sistership discount for as long as all the sisters you signed up with keep learning together. 


Ein Angebot nur für Frauen. 

Details und Termine findest du hier

KOMMUNIKATIONS-Training / Individual Coaching
z.B. Schriftdeutsch / Bewerbungstraining / Konfliktlösung

Contact me for rates and availabilities 


Occasional free German conversation

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Need help? 

If you have further questions or need help determining which course is the right one for you,

please email me so we can find the best solution for your needs.

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