Want to practice your German but people keep replying to you in English?

Worry no longer and join the fun and all German conversation club «Plauderstündchen». 

My offer is suitable for German learners of all levels.

Check out my offers below to find the right course for you!

All sessions take place online, allowing you to participate from anywhere

in the world regardless of your location! 

*Plauderstündchen, das
Bedeutung: Plaudernd verbrachte kürzere Zeitspanne



  • Classes take place once a week for 90 minutes 
  • Group size is limited to guarantee plenty of speaking time for each participant
  • This is a fun and interactive learning environment

Additionally, you can join the Plauderstündchen FB group, which is a place to connect with fellow learners outside of the virtual classroom. A monthly subscription also gives you access to the Plauderstündchen Telegram channel, where I am posting additional content, such as the word of the day or audio content. 

About me

I am a native German speaker with almost 20 years of teaching experience. Among others I taught at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and DeutschAkademie Berlin.

Personally, I am passionate about life, sustainability, veganism, spirituality and Mother Earth - this also reflects in my teaching style, which combines language learning with cultural and social aspects, while creating community in a safe learning environment. 


Free German conversation

Beginner and intermediate // evening
Basic German skills required
see dates


Beginner and intermediate // daytime
Basic German skills required

see dates

Private Tutoring 
All level / Bewerbungstraining / Schriftdeutsch
Individual scheduling


€101 for the Plauderstündchen month

€33 for a single Plauderstündchen session

(drop-ins are welcome but registration is necessary so I can send you the login information)

€55 / hour for private tutoring

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Class Registration

the monthly course (please specify the month in the field below)
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Private Tutoring (Bewerbungstraining or Schriftdeutsch)

Need help? 

If you have further questions or need help determining which course is the right one for you,

please email me so we can find the best solution for your needs.

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